Our Animals


Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works and in your teaching show integrity and dignity.                      Titus 2:7


We make every effort to be good stewards of our animals and raise them how we believe they were intended; clean and natural the way God designed them.  We raise all of our poultry on pasture.  That means is they have daily access to fresh air, clean water, grass, bugs and normal bird lives.  All of our poultry are housed in mobile coops that are regularly moved to provide access to fresh grass and forage.  They are kept within the safety confines of electric net fencing, for predator control and to regulate manure.  We start our poultry on an antibiotic-free, Non-GMO, feed ration from day 1. The feed is grown and produced by Ohio based Livestock Feed Company.   For additional 


We also run a limited supply of conventional birds per year to offer a more budget-friendly product that still provides the benefits of pasture-raised chicken.   We hope that you will find the NON-GMO products a value once you learn the truths about GMOs.  Find out more here.