Pasture Raised Chicken

We raise Cornish Cross broilers. These are the same variety of birds that are used by industrial chicken farming. We have chosen to offer these because of their specific breeding to provide a quick growing full breasted bird akin to what people are buying from the grocery store. Our broilers may be the same genetically to what you find at your local grocer, but that is where the similarities end. We provide antibiotic-free feed from day 1. We never give any growth hormones or appetite stimulants. They have access to ample space, fresh air and clean water to maintain a healthy environment.

Our broilers start their journey here as day old chicks. We provide them with access to pasture as soon as we can safely do so. Baby chicks are fragile little beings and require consistent warmth and dry bedding. When the weather is warm, we try to have our chicks in the pasture as early as 2 weeks, but our usual average is 3 weeks with supplement heat as needed. By 4 weeks our broilers are fully feathered and much more hardy. They live out the next 4 weeks enjoying sunshine, grass, bugs and normal chicken lives.

After 8 happy chicken weeks, we process our broilers and aim to provide them with the most humane, and low-stress processing experience we can. The finished product results in a 4.5 lbs average table bird that is lean and flavorful.