Naturally Raised Pork

Our Naturally Raised Pork is a new venture for us on the farm in 2017.  Our pork is not your typical run of the mill grocery store pork, it is robust and full of flavor.  Our pigs are housed in a portable hut and allowed to dig and root in the edge of our woods.  Our pigs are raised outside the way nature intended.  They get to do all the things pigs love, dig, wallow in mud, eat (nuts, seeds, grubs, roots) and live like pigs!  They have happy wagging tails and squeal with delight when the scrap bucket comes their way.   They are fed a locally milled grain ration and excess produce.  We currently sell our pork by shares.  We offer whole hog, half hog, and quarter hog shares.  We hope to provide retail cuts in 2018.  

Worried about committing to a large share ask us about a sampler box before you commit!!